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We are an Internet promotions company based near London in the United Kingdom.

We use the power of online advertising to help businesses and organisations increase their online presence and also to help individuals earn some extra cash. 

We use various promotional methods which means we are able to promote most websites (including specific pages on those websites) as well as splashpages or URL links. This means we can assist many businesses and organisations across the world to advertise to people who may have interest in their products or services, but also assist individuals spread the word about something they are doing or have an interest in. Some examples of what can be advertised are completely new businesses, specific products or services, press releases, events, blogs and referral links. However literally anything else can be advertised with the only limitations being where our advertising channels have placed restrictions on specific content.

We feel there is nothing better than being in full control of your own advertising and be in a position to monitor the results for yourself. This is why we actually prefer to advise you on the best methods you can use for your promotional needs. However, if you prefer us to do it for you, we can offer you a tailored package to suit your needs at very reasonable cost and then manage it for you.

One of our most popular services is being able how to show you how get your website listed higher in search engine results. You don't need to pay outrageous fees to so-called 'gurus' to be 'number 1' when you can do it easily yourself at a fraction of the cost. We can pretty much guarantee they are using many of the methods we are using and know for a fact their fees far exceed the actual cost of using those methods.

Obviously, where there are advertisers you also need people to view the advertisements. This is where we can give you the opportunity to earn some extra cash either as an individual or even through your businesses and organisations. This would begin as a sideline to your current income, but could quickly turn into a major source of income if you learn to take full advantage of the opportunity. We can even show businesses (from the sole traders right up to the largest organisations) ways to encourage their families and staff to help promote the business that has financial benefits for all - this can be a very powerful tool to any business.

Every method we use has been fully tested by us and has proven to work; by this we mean that we have received at least three payments from those who pay us or received the stated advertising benefits from our advertising channels on a regular basis.

In addition to promotional services and earning opportunities, we can also help you save money.

Most of what we do is available worldwide but where something is only available in specific regions it will be clearly marked.

Feel free to take a look around our website and if you have any questions you can contact us and you will normally receive a response within 24 hours.




SINCE 01 MAY 2016