How to Thrive in the current Economy


While we prefer to give you free advice on how to use the methods we use, we know that sometimes it is easier for you to just arrange for someone else do things for you, and this is why we offer a few options for you to choose from if you prefer us to do things for you.

We can set up and manage your online advertising, ensuring you get guaranteed visitors to your website or specific webpage. Visitors can be global or geo-targeted to fit in with your requirements.

Sometimes you simply need your potential customers to know about your products or services. Most people use search engines like Google or Bing to search a particular product or service and then go on to use a company listed in the first two or three pages of those results. We can build up your ranking to the point where you will appear within the first two or three pages of search engine results, and then help you maintain or improve your placing within the results.

Sometimes it can be difficult for music artists to reach out to their potential fans - some examples of this include the need for people to 'like' your Facebook page or 'follow' you on Twitter to see your latest news and video releases. Also many advertising platforms use an Inline Frame (I-Frame) where your content appears within the hosted website, and many sites block their opening within I-Frames meaning you can't advertise on them... YouTube is one of those sites which means it can be difficult to promote your new video to new people as they won't be subscribed to your channel or know who to search for. However, there are ways of overcoming this, and some of the methods we use can be very useful for getting your music to new people. Of course, if your video is allowed by YouTube, it does not necessarilly need to be a music video that is promoted.

The 'give us your money approach' is sometimes difficult, some people are already donating to other charities or organisations, and of course if times are hard giving valuable money away is not really an option, however good the cause. So, we can provide you with some alternative options to raise some funds where your supporters (or potential supporters) can actually earn money while the charity or organisation earn commissions on their activity. The good news is that those commissions are not just on a one-off basis (as many contributions are), they are ongoing and literally unlimited. We have no intention of charging charities and organisations for our services, so we will look to simply put a few things in place to help you get going with these fairly easy methods, which you can then simply manage yourselves to maintain full control of your funds. 

We have tested many of the websites where earning money online is possible, and we only promote the sites that are working for us, and of course we keep an eye on things to avoid the scams. We also have ways you can save money either through lower prices, special offers or cashback opportunities. While we feel it is definitely better to be in full control of your earning and saving, we can act as an in-between if you simply wish to earn or save without setting up accounts or dealing direct.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, and we'll provide the necessary information to you (includes quotes where necessary).



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