If you are reading this webpage, you should have seen our job posting on Indeed and have been linked here, but if you haven't then welcome and feel free to continue reading and consider what is on offer.


Below you will see a list of our main products and services that are available for you to promote. The majority can be promoted online meaning you can simply forward links to attract business. Depending on your available time you may choose to promote offline too.

NOTE: You need a PayPal account to get paid. You will notice that most of the products and services operate using US Dollars as their currency. We suggest enabling US Dollars as a currency in your PayPal account as this avoids extra conversion rate charges. When you withdraw to your bank account, PayPal will always pay you in UK Sterling.

We want you to earn good money through your association with us, so we have listed our best opportunities first, this means that even if you don't have much time right now, you can make the most of that time. You will see that we have given some details regarding the benefits to M-Live Promotions through your activity within the product and service descriptions. You are, in effect, helping us to build our business further while you earn a good income yourself. The income we earn on the products and services below assist us in building up the other aspects of our business, with a main goal of becoming major promoters in the music industry.

We believe we present great opportunity to those involved in online marketing and those involved in customer service, as what we offer is a combination of both, however we also believe anyone is capable of working with us to earn an income, this is why we advertised the job posting you saw, you have some experience which you can use to help those who do not. For those questioning our thinking, if you are involved in online marketing we believe you have the abilities to instantly promote what is offered below, and if you are involved in customer service we believe you have the abilities to advise others in regard to helping them use what is offered below to their benefit. As you promote and help others, you will benefit from a steadily increasing income over time, such income could become your main income depending on the efforts you make.

At M-Live Promotions we have just one motto...   YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!!!  This means we are not going to give you targets or moan when things aren't going well, it is your own motivation that will help you succeed. Of course, we will give you all the help and advise you need, just contact us and we will respond. The main thing to remember is that helping and advising others to succeed helps you succeed, so do your best to motivate others too.

NOTE: If you succeed with us, and you do start earning a good income you will have to consider registering as self-employed. M-Live Promotions can not be held responsible for anything if you choose not to do so.



BU.LK - You can sell premium shortened URLs and earn 40% commission on your sales. Premium shortened URLs are great for businesses, especially those with long website URLs, as an example a company of solicitors may be called "Evans, Smith and Jones Solicitors" with the website URL of 'www.evanssmithandjonessolicitors.co.uk', they could buy the URL "bu.lk/esj" and then use this when advertising their services as it is so much easier to type in then their original URL. Premium bu.lk URLs cost between $5 and $1500 for a 10-Year registration. This means you can earn between $2 and $600 per sale. You can also earn money referring others to bu.lk and on advertising.

To join bu.lk click here. Once you are a member find your promotional URL (by clicking 'Get started' on your dashboard page after log-in) and forward this to others who can then sign up as your customer or referral. M-Live Promotions receive US$0.05 when you join bu.lk, this is our only benefit unless you decide to purchase a URL at any time. We do not earn commissions on your sales.

We promote our bu.lk promotional URL on social media and e-mail, and this takes us around 5 minutes a day.


TRAFFIC MONSOON - Lots of people are making good money with Traffic Monsoon because the concept is amazing. Advertising costs are very competitive and the advertising can be geo-targeted to not just the country but towns too. Advertisers can simply just run an advertisement when they want and you can earn commission on their advertising. However, the great thing about Traffic Monsoon is the Revenue Sharing Ad Pack service, these ad packs cost $50 each and provide the advertiser with 20 guaranteed banner clicks and 1000 traffic exchange credits, then (with a small daily requirement) the advertiser is paid $1 per ad pack each day for 55 days....  meaning they make $5 profit per ad pack, in addition to any business they got from the advertising. It is this that makes Traffic Monsoon one of the best opportunities on the Internet at this time, because advertisers keep advertising. Think about your day-to-day life, the people you see, the places you go, then think of all the opportunity you have to promote such a service... let's call it 'advertising with profit'. As an example, you visit a nice restaurant in your area but they are not that busy, they can advertise on Traffic Monsoon and geo-target visitors in your area, this raises awareness to the restaurant and gives them more business.... this has happened, over and over again... meaning that restaurant will advertise on Traffic Monsoon over and over again.

Additionally, there is a referral program, you can earn 10% on all referral advertising and 100% on your referral 'Cash link ads' activity. Say, you have just one referral who buys one Revenue Sharing Ad Pack and clicks $0.50 in cash link ads each week, you will earn $5.50 every week (or $286 a year) just from them. Now let's say you refer a business with a monthly $500 advertising budget, they can buy 10 Revenue Sharing Ad packs a month then after 55 days withdraw $550 to advertise elsewhere as they usually would, and you would earn $50 a month or $600 a year)  from them as commission on their purchases, you could withdraw this or buy Ad Packs yourself to earn the extra $5 each time. And if you think you have nothing to advertise... think again... there are more opportunities on this webpage that you could advertise on Traffic Monsoon, or you could advertise a friend's business (even if they join Traffic Monsoon too), some people advertise their favourite music artists, and some even advertise their Traffic Monsoon referral link on Traffic Monsoon... it doesn't matter because they earn $5 profit every time.

M-Live Promotions earn a matching 100% from any cash link ads you click on, plus 10% commission on any advertising purchases you make. You will earn the same from your referrals, and don't forget the extra $5 you can make on each ad pack you purchase.

There is a daily requirement to click 10 traffic exchange ads, this takes about 5 minutes a day, this qualifies you for referral commissions while ensuring advertisers receive their website visitors. You can also click your cash link ads to earn extra each day, plus you may need to set up new advertising or process withdrawals. Allow 15 minutes a day once more established.

To join Traffic Monsoon click here. Once you are a member, click 10 traffic exchange ads then look for your referral links. The next day (or maybe the day after) you should start getting Cash Link ads, and this continues providing you click the 10 traffic exchange ads each day.


CLIXSENSE - Active since February 2007 ClixSense has established itself as one of the world's best money advertising websites on the Internet. Advertisers include Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Waitrose, Lynx, Siemens, Bet Victor, Turkish Airlines, eToro and more, as well as individuals advertising their links to sites such as those on this webpage. ClixSense has 5 million worldwide members, and these members sign in to earn money by viewing the adverts. There is also an amazing referral program that goes down 8 levels allowing members to earn unlimited income by actively referring others to ClixSense. As an example, referring just 3 people to ClixSense who go on to do the same can bring in an income of over $9,800 a year.

We have fully explained ClixSense and provided the sign up link here. Allow 15 - 20 minutes a day to qualify for the daily bonus which is between 5% and 16% depending on membership status and recent activity.

M-Live Promotions earn 10% - 40% on your activity on ClixSense, $2 if you decide to do the recommended upgrade, and $1 for each of your downline (down to your level 7) that upgrades.


ALEXAMASTER - Anyone with a website needs one main thing... visitors. The reason being visitors increase the website's ranking, the ranking affects the position of the website in search engine results, and higher positioning in search results brings interested people to the website. AlexaMaster offers a ranking boosting service where members auto-surf websites to earn points that can then be allocated to their own website for other members to then visit. This service is entirely free, so those who want to can auto-surf as much as possible to get more and more visitors to their website, and build up the ranking of their website at no cost.

So why would you want to offer a free service? Well, if you join (or have joined) any service on this webpage, you have a website (referral link) to promote. If you refer members to AlexaMaster you earn 25% of the points they earn, so if your referral earn 1,000 points you earn 250 points which gives you up to 250 visitors to your website (referral link).

But there's more... members can go VIP (at $1 a day) or buy points, and you earn commission (in the form of points) on their purchases e.g. when they buy points you earn 60% commission in points. As an example, your referral buys 250,000 points for $50, and you'll get 150,000 points too.

Without VIP members can only advertise one URL (website/referral link etc..), this can only be advertised for 10 seconds per visit anywhere in the world. With VIP members can advertise more URLs, select the visiting time and geo-target to countries. So, a new business can go a while without VIP to build up a worldwide ranking while established business can go VIP and build up local ranking. Of course, members advertise links for other things too, as an example you could advertise your Traffic Monsoon link on AlexaMaster.

You can reach a point where your referrals earn you more points than you need for your advertising, if this happens you can convert points into cash and then withdraw the cash to PayPal.

TIP: Without VIP, it is best to set your maximum daily visitors to 1000 with a bid of 2 points per visitor... this means you need 2000 points a day, these points can be earned by auto-surfing or purchased. As an example, 250,000 points cost $50, and would last for 125 days bringing 125,000 visitors to the website at a cost of  just $0.0004 per visitor. This tip should be passed on to your customers.

To join AlexaMaster click here. As detailed above, M-Live Promotions would earn 25% on your surfing activity and 60% on your points purchases, we only use these points to promote our website. It takes seconds to start the auto-surf and a couple of minutes to sign in and allocate the points.


AYUWAGE - All the sites above can be joined for free, and can take a little while to get going. AyuWage is also free to join, and if you have time you can earn a nice sum of money each day. The site has various ways to earn that money, with the best being 'regular' ads followed closely by 'explore' ads. As an example, you can complete 3 'explore' ads in less than a minute to earn $0.09 then complete 6 'regular' ads in about 90 seconds to earn another $0.06, by which time you will have 3 new 'explore' ads as the ads refresh every few minutes. OK, so earning $0.15 in two and a half minutes might not sound great, but we actually use the income from AyuWage to speed up our earnings elsewhere. We actually started our business with no money, spent time on AyuWage, withdraw our earnings (2 x $10) to pay for the upgrade ($17) on ClixSense. After this we continued on AyuWage until we earned another $50 which brought 250,000 points on AlexaMaster. Now we earn money on AyuWage to fund the purchase of Ad Packs on Traffic Monsoon. This shows in some aspect how you can put everything we offer into one package and present it to potential customers and referrals... think, we started our business with no money... who could benefit from such an opportunity? The unemployed, part-time employees, full-time employees, those thinking about going self-employed, stay at home parents and more, in fact ANYONE!

The good news is AyuWage also has a referral program, you earn 10% of your referral's activity, and you don't even need to be active to qualify for that commission (although we recommend you are active to speed up your income). This is good because those with no money (e.g. unemployed, in debt, struggling to pay bills etc...) can use AyuWage to earn some quick cash. OK, it may take some effort to earn $10, but $10 extra when you have no money is very useful (trust us, it is, we've been there!). Additionally, those looking to start a business can spend time on AyuWage and use the earnings to fund their business. Of course, you can also advertise on AyuWage too, your ads open in new browser windows which also boosts rankings.

So, as an example, if you had 10 referrals each earning $2 a day (easily acheivable) you would earn $2 daily (10 x $0.20), this equates to $14 weekly or $730 annually without you needing to do anything. Add more referrals and some personal activity, and AyuWage becomes a good earning opportunity for anyone.

To join AyuWage click here. M-Live Promotions earn 10% on you personal activity. Time wise it is up to you, as per the example above you can earn $0.15 in two and a half minutes. We spend around 40 minutes a day (4 sessions of 10 minutes each) on the site, which (without referral activity) brings in $10 every 4 days or $912 a year.


OK, we feel this is enough to get you started. You may be completely new to the idea of earning money online, and we don't want to overload you too much.

You may have other commitments, and we believe what we offer above will not affect those commitments in any way as you can do everything above in around one hour a day.

Of course, other activity relating to the above may take more time... e.g. thinking who you can refer too, meeting them or writing e-mails etc... so try to get a balance, spend time on the sites learning the ins and outs so you can advise others, and spend time promoting the sites.

Over time, you will start earning money, this has great impact as you can prove the sites work by printing off or posting your payment proofs online (remember to remove personal info) and showing them to those who have doubts.

The idea is for you to earn money, and help others earn money by actively promoting and giving advice to them. We want you to start this without investment and build up your income over time, just like we have.

You, or people you come across, may have spare money. If you/they do, we advise the following:

Upgrade on ClixSense ($17) - this qualifies you for 8-level commissions immediately.

Purchase 250,000 points on AlexaMaster ($50) - using the non-VIP, 2 points per visitor, max 1000 visitors rule, this gets you 4 months worth of advertising without the need to auto-surf.

Purchase one (or more) Revenue Sharing Ad Pack on Traffic Monsoon ($50 per pack) - this gets things going, you'll be able to advertise and earn $5 profit doing so.

Finally, some people/businesses have no wish to get involved in the sites but like the idea behind them. In this scenario we advise:

Offer 'ad packages' at a price of $105 (approx. £70 at the moment) for 100,000 visitors, this is $0.00105 (approx £0.0007) per visitor. Buy one Ad Pack on Traffic Monsoon and advertise their URL, then buy 250,000 points on AlexaMaster and use 200,000 of them to advertise their URL using the 2 point/1000 visitors a day rule. You are left with $5 profit and a spare 50,000 points on AlexaMaster, plus you earn another $5 through the Revenue Share on Traffic Monsoon. Your customer gets more than 100,000 visitors (101,020 to be exact) and a higher Alexa ranking. If they need proof, you simply screenprint it and forward to them.

Additionally, every 6th 'ad package' you sell at $105, you earn an extra $50 because you'll have 250,000 spare points in AlexaMaster anyway.

Furthermore, every 10th 'ad package' you sell at $105, you'll earn an extra $55 because you'll would earn $50 profit (10 x $5) through Revenue Sharing on Traffic Monsoon enabling you to buy you own Ad Pack and earn the $55 back.

Add all this together and you'll earn a total of $715 (approx £475) every 30 'ad packages' you sell at $105. Do this each month (an average of one $105 'ad package' a day) and you got $8580 (approx £5700) a year, and this is in addition to anything actually earned on the sites!!


A little effort, using your marketing or customer service skills, and you can achieve this (or more) too.


Remember: If you need help, you can contact us anytime (e-mail preferred).