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NeoBux has been around since March 2008 and is one of the best opportunities for earning some good money online.

Simply sign in and view some ads, complete tasks or offers, or even win on AdPrize.

Additionally, you earn more by referring others who can then do the same.

The secret is to build up slowly, then as you get more referrals you can upgrade your account to earn more.
Upgrade costs US$90 a year which can paid from your earnings or via your chosen payment processor.
We suggest upgrading when you are averaging around US$0.30 daily earnings from the website, as this will cover the cost.
Another option is to pay with 30,000 points; points are earned on all ad clicks and some offers.

After upgrade you can add a Golden Pack if you wish, however choose these with caution, do not add
any packs unless your current daily earnings exceed the cost of the pack on an annual basis.
Example: The highest pack, Ultimate, costs US$890 a year, you need to be earning around US$2.50 daily to exceed this cost.

To earn fully from your referrals, you must click on all the Orange Fixed Advertisements every day.
This takes as little as 2 minutes daily at first, after upgrade it will be about 6 minutes daily.
NOTE: If you miss your clicking one day, you lose referral earnings the next day.

You can even rent referrals, renting 100 referrals for 30 days costs $20, and returns around $30.

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