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Online advertising services

We can advertise your website, splashpage or URL for you. We use various methods to get you a high number of visitors at very reasonable rates, while increasing your Alexa ranking at the same time. We offer a range of set advertising packages or can adapt to fit in with your requirements or budget. For more details on pricing, please click HERE. However, we would rather show you the methods we use so you can be in full control of your advertising, and ask that you consider our 'Free advertising' and 'Advertising with profit' opportunities below.

Free advertising opportunities

It is possible to get visitors to your website, splashpage or URL for free, however it will take a little time and effort on your part. If you have the time and wish to put in the effort then we have the solution. Please click here for more information.

Advertising with profit opportunities

Even better than free advertising is when you actually get paid to advertise your website, splashpage or URL. The main advantage of this is being able to increase your advertising budget without inputting extra money into it, plus you also benefit from the fact that many more people will see your advertising. Please click here for more information.

Website and event promotion

If you need the spread the word about something, we can help you to do so. As we are able to advertise almost any URL it means we can direct people to a specific page on a website, splashpages, any other URL. We can also reach a large number of people in a short time. If you have no online presence, we can even create a page on our website and use that to spread the word for you. A great example of the benefits of this is estate agents who have to sell a house quickly, the more people who know the property is for sell, the more chance they have to sell quickly. Please click here for more information.

Charity Fundraising

It is getting more and more difficult for charities to raise funds, one of the main issues is there are so many charities around. People may have an interest in a certain charity's work, but are already donating to charities doing similar work and can find it hard to consider donating to another charity. We can help your charity by removing the 'give us your money' approach and replace it with a 'you can earn money and we benefit' approach, basically the charity's supporters make money and as they do so the charity earns a percentage of what they've earned. Please click here for more information.

Earning money opportunities

We can help you earn some extra money in your spare time or even show you how you can turn it into your main income. We have some great opportunities which, with some time and effort, can bring in the income you desire. They are no limits other than your commitment to what we offer. Many fail due to lack of commitment or losing interest because the income is low at the start, but the more commitment you put in to it, you will see greater rewards over time. If this is for you, then please click HERE for more information.

Save money and cashback opportunities

We are agents (or have association with agents) for various companies who will believe will help you save money either by offering discounted services/products or by offering cashback on purchases. Additionally, if we hear about any money saving offers we'll try to let you know by linking you to them. Please click here for more information.

Free help and advice

We never charge for helping and advising anyone about the services we offer, we know that sometimes you may need help fully understand something, we know this because we had to learn too and got advise from others. We believe that if we offer free advice and that advice is followed, then in the long run we will benefit from advising you. As an example of this, you may not fully understand how one of our advertising methods work, but once you do we will earn commissions on your future advertising. The only time we ever charge our clients is when they instruct us to do work for them and we need to cover expenses (both in cost and time) we have encountered in doing that work.

Usually the best way for us to offer help and advice is via e-mail (generally because we can send any necessary links), so please click here to either e-mail us or send us your enquiry.

Our website

We aim to have a wide and interesting range of content on our website, trying to ensure we have something (even if just a little) for everyone. For example, you will see a section for music where we have features like 'Video of the Week' or content that is exclusive to us. We will always try to consider adding content we feel will be of interest to our visitors, and with that in mind if you feel something is missing then please do get in touch (via our 'Contact Us' page). Our only true limitation is the available space for the content on the website, and this means we might simply provide a link to some content (e.g an interesting website or blog) rather than just repeating the same content on our site.

Social media

Our website is updated regularly, but we are also very active on Twitter, mainly because we find it to be a great way to communicate quickly to those who have an interest in what we are doing. Therefore, please consider following us on Twitter to be among the first to know about our latest activities. Click HERE for our Twitter page, and please click the 'follow' button.

Anything else?

The above is just a general guide to what we can do, and we are sure we can adapt to your requirements. We work closely with our clients because our income is fully dependent on them being satisfied with the services we offer. If you have any specific requirements please click here to contact us.


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