When you mention the subject of 'home improvements' it generally makes people think about those annoying call centres who seem to continuously call you offering you special offers if you agree to have their salesman round your house 'today' and on arrival they go through a structured routine before giving you the best price which will only be available for a short time.

Well, think about this...  it may be annoying getting the call, it may be annoying to have someone at your house at very short notice, it may be annoying going through the routine... but if the work does need doing, it is worth going through...  why pay the full price later when you can get a discount now?

This is our approach too, but we wanted to make things somewhat easier for you!

So, we have hooked up with one of the best home improvement companies in the UK who operate nationally through over 60 regional offices to bring you great local service. YES... they are a 'double glazing' company but this company has nearly 50 years of successful trading and their customer satisfaction rate is over 95%... the highest of all such companies, so you can be sure of receiving a good service. They were not the only company we considered, but it was clear almost immediately that their company ethics stood out above the rest.

So what does this company offer?

They offer a wide range of services including double glazed windows, doors, porches, conservatories, canopies, roofline (fascia, soffits, guttering), roofguard (EPDM flat roofs) and garage doors. They are a Public Listed Company (PLC) offering a 10 year comprehensive warranty plus optional warranty extensions on all products. They take care of building regulations and planning permission. Products are generally installed within six weeks,and you are kept informed of any developments.


And how are we making things easier for you?

We are dealing directly with six of the company's offices; these are located in Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Reading, Staines and Croydon and each of the offices cover up to a 40 mile radius of their location. So if you live within or close to the blue shaded areas on the map, you simply need to fill in the form at the bottom of this page, you can add your specific requirements and select your appointment time. We will call you to confirm the details before forwarding your enquiry to them. This means you can avoid the call centre phone call, your local office will know your exact requirements, and the first time you'll hear from them will be your local manager calling you to confirm who will be visiting you. In addition, the fact that you've contacted them (via us) at a time when you are considering doing home improvements will hopefully mean you will be in a position to take complete advantage of the 'best price' which will be offered during your appointment. 


Please click on any image to begin a slideshow of some of the company's recent work. 

Ready to enquire?

Please complete the form as fully as you can and we will get back to within 24 hours (or on next working day if weekend or bank holiday). 

PLEASE NOTE: The company has a policy that all homeowners are present during their appointment, this is due to the fact that any decisions will be joint decisions and it is only right that all decision makers are aware of what is being decided, this includes deciding on design, colours etc... as well as the wish to go ahead or not. In addition, any paperwork completed will require signatures of all homeowners. Therefore please ensure all homeowners are available at your requested appointment time. Additionally, morning appointments may need 48 hours notice so please bear this in mind.


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