In 1993, Whitty Whitesell and The Life Parade released the album "57". Just recently he released a new album, that you can download for free from his website, see his 'why' below.



"It’s been over 20 years since I released my last record, “57” on Parasol Records, which received some good reviews, including 3 1/2 out of 4 stars by the Chicago Tribune.

Since then, I’ve helped build a family, received Bachelor and Master Degrees in English and a Law Degree.  I also found interest in studying family history.  A few years ago, my kids and I were listening to some of my old recordings, and I told them about a part of my story.  As I told my kids about recording and playing live, I started to realize that I didn’t want something I released when I was in my early 20s to be the last word passed down to my children, grandchildren and future generations.

My wife purchased some recording software and a microphone for me, and I embarked on recording some songs that were representative of my current stage in life.  The music industry experienced a revolution in the past 20 years.  Most aspects of this revolution benefit artists.  As I listened to more recent music, I found a plethora of well-produced music.  I wanted to record something bare and timeless that breathes, something I could play anytime and anywhere, as long as I have my twelve-string and a harmonica.

As I began recording, I realized the gift of living in the middle; middle class, middle age, middle generation, middle child.  When you stand in the middle, you have the best view of it all.  I further realized that I missed making music.  I am happy with my place in life, and I consider myself a serious music hobbyist.

I put down some songs and would like to share them with you (please visit HERE). If these songs can bring you joy, solace or anything good, I want you to have them. 

All I ask in return is that you send me a quick email HERE. Also, please let your friends know about these songs and send them to the website, so that I can share this music with as many people as possible.

Thanks.  All the best,  Whitty."


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