1) Bad News
2) L.O.B
3) Evil Waits
4) The Seige
5) Raze The Earth
6) The Church Is On Fire
7) Do You Wanna Die
8) Streets of Wickedness

OUR RATING (out of 10)


Raze-ing the thrash metal bar.

One thing that never ceases to surprise me these days is the sheer amount of talent to be found in musicians playing metal music. One example is Spanish four piece thrash prog outfit 'Raze'. Bursting onto the metal scene back in 2007, they honed their particular craft for a year before a 2008 live debut.  

'Mankind's Heritage', on Suspiria Records is the first full length release from this band, since their self produced EP release back in August of 2011 'Man Vs Machine'. Raze's particular brand of thrash metal appears heavily influenced by bands such as Exodus, Annihilator, Gamma Bomb, Municipal Waste, Slayer, and Megadeth to name but a few of the top of my head. Throw into this, some very clever rhythm changes reminiscent of bands like Sikth to give it that prog edge and you're just about there. If I never knew that this band hailed from Spain, I would readily think Raze were from the Bay Area, US.

Onto the analysis...  Marcos and David give an excellent guitar performance with brutally cutting riffage and razor sharp leads (no pun intended). The rhythm section headed up by Macaco (bass and vox), and Sebas on drums round off the Raze package very well with concrete bass licks and a thunderous drum track. Macaco's raw vocal performance puts me in the mind of Steve Souza of Exodus, and while not a virtuoso by any means, it fits well.  All of this is brought together masterfully by Carlos Arcay at Arcay sound. Personal favourites have to be the opening track 'Bad News', 'L.O.B.' and 'The Siege'.  This is without a doubt, worth a listen for any thrash metal fan, and the fact that they are supporting Artillery on the Spanish leg of their tour, they are most certainly worth a look live too.

Hats of to Raze for keeping the flame of NWOTM alive.
Words by Paul Clarke.



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