1) Godspeed
2) 2 in 24
3) Born Idol
4) Another Dumb Animal

OUR RATING (out of 10)


'First rate devils!'

One of the great things these days about putting a critique to new bands is that you have early access to bags of new talent drawing influences from the ever changing face of the rock scene. More and more acts are making their mark in the underground music scene to telling effect, and North London based quartet Second Rate Angels are no exception with their latest release called 'II'. This is the second EP release from SRA to date and follow up  to their 2014 release 'The Lost Days', which exceeded 10000 YouTube hits. They have received critical acclaim in various rock publications such as Metal Hammer, and Power Play, and have bagged themselves slots at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2013, as well as coverted support slots with Breed 77 and Bull Riff Stampede. They were subject to line up change in 2014 when guitarist Matt Clark was replaced by Jerry Pringsheim.  I never had the pleasure of hearing SRA before now, but the end result is simply stunning.

'II' Opens up with the track 'Godspeed' that seems to have a 20 Seconds To Mars/Disturbed feel to it. '2in24' comes next with nails home the sheer technical ability of the band, followed by Born Idle which further showcases this. 'Another Dumb Animal' finishes up the experience with a short sharp injection of heavy.

My first observation on listening was frontman and bassist Dave Gobran's vocal. The guy has incredible control with a tone that seems to mix Jared Leto (20 Seconds To Mars), John Bush (Anthrax/Armoured Saint), and David Drayman (Disturbed) all into one package which is no mean feat. Andy Doran's drum performance is excellent, provided a perfect backing to some amazing guitar work by Pringsheim and Chris Lewis.  All in all SRA are the total package for this day and age. The energy they have on stage is matched by the same in the studio.  I look to time when a full length is released.  Get your arses in gear guys...hint,hint.

Words by Paul Clarke.




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