1) Predawn
2) Lust For Vengeance
3) Unreal Perception
4) Arbitrary Law
5) Impending Doom
6) Tribulation
7) Perish By Oblivion
8) Fifth Column
9) Sulfur Rain
10) Flow Of Dying

OUR RATING (out of 10)


German veteran thrash four piece Accu§er (Accuser) are back with the release of their eleventh full length album 'The Forlorn Divide'. A product of 30 years in the scene polishing their craft to a clear metallic sheen and razor sharp edge. The sword that is Accu§er strikes hard and fast at the very heart of the depths of human depravity and dark emotion to telling effect. Since their inception back in 1986, they have won over the hearts of many fan with virtuoso musicianship and brutal cutting vocal.

While 'The Forlorn Divide' sounds incredibly American there is a distinctly calculated German quality about it that impresses. I was immediately drawn to Frank Thoms vocal hooks, and when partnered with his and Dennis Rybakowski's guitar work and the especially heavy Teutonic rhythm section of Frank Kimpel (Bass), and Olli Fechner (Drums), there is an undeniable magic taking place that stays in effect from beginning to end.

There were parts during 'The Forlorn Divide' where I thought I was listening to Metallica, just with a different line up.  This is particularly apparent on tracks like 'Flow Of Dying' where Fechner's drums sound like Lars Ulrich when he was good back in the 'Ride The Lightning' days, when he could actually hold a steady beat. As well as this Thom's vocal phrasing is akin to James Hetfield, especially in the chorus.  This isn't particularly bad at all when you think about it, as this is possibly what Metallica would have sounded like had they not sold out.  Don't get me wrong, I like Metallica, but Accu§er do a far better job.
Words by Paul Clarke.



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