1) In Defiance Of Conformity
2) Live By The Scythe
3) Penalty By Perception
4) Mercy Of Ignorance
5) Rites Of War
6) Sin Of Innocence
7) When The Magic Is Gone
8) Cosmic Brain
9) Deity Machine
10) Path Of The Atheist
11) Welcome To The Mindfactory

OUR RATING (out of 10)


You know when you used to go to a rock night and there would always be that group of people who would do the metal wail like a clarion call to arms to defend the metal faith, especially when tracks like Dream Evil's 'Book Of Heavy Metal' was played, and every single one of them were a Manowar fan?

Yes, I am proud to admit that I was one of those people. It was music like this that really seemed to form strong and almost unbreakable bonds of friendship that bands like Manowar would sing about in anthemic tracks like 'Die For Metal'. If you remember those days fondly, or are still lucky enough to experience this on a night out on the metal scene then Artillery's latest masterpiece 'Penalty By Perception' is for you.

The fact that these guys have been around for over 30 years really shows in the music. Peter Thorslund (Bass) and Joshua Madsen (Drums) have kept their ground and pound rhythm section that perfectly compliments Michael and Morten Stutzers' heavy crunching riffs and soaring solos. Add to this Michael Bastholm Dahl's searing Niklas 'Dream Evil' Isfeldt-esque vocals and you have a match made in  proverbial metal heaven. I'm personally new to Artillery, and I revel in my newness with a newfound enthusiasm for power metal and an uncontrollable itching to check out their other six full lengths which they have drawn upon to produce this awesomeness. For me, this is 'Three Inches Of Blood' done how it should have been. While I love TIOB, the consistency was never there for me with only a few choice tracks really standing out, but here it appears in spades thanks in no small part to the wonderful production values of Soren Andersen and Medley Studios.

Ever since taking the opportunity to put my critique to music, I have fallen in love with the music of two bands; one being 'Exumer' and the other is 'Artillery'.
Words by Paul Clarke.



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