1) Intro (The Oath)
2) Proclamation In Shadows 
3) End Of Tyranny
4) The Cleric's Arcanum
5) Haunting Siren
6) Damnatio Ad Bestias
7) Conquer & Contaminate
8) The Denial
9) The Oath Of An Iron Ritual
10) At The Eclipse Of Blades

OUR RATING (out of 10)


I get the feeling at times when I listen to a band and wish they had done a particular thing differently. This is one of those times and the band in question at this time is Cradle Of Filth. With a little less attention to crystal clear production and more to artistic content, COF could have been as great as this and perhaps taken more seriously. What I mean to say is that Desaster, with their twenty-seven year track record have produced what I can only describe as a black metal onslaught that is a classic in it's own right.  'The Oath Of An Iron Ritual' is Desaster's eighth full length foray and what COF should have been.

Here, bone crushing riffs meet a punishing and murderous vocal, backed up by a raw and aggressive drum track and satisfyingly deep bass.  While I prattle on comparing these guys to COF, there is also a world of difference between the two bands.  For a start they are German, there are only four of them, and they don't go any near vampirism. The material produced for our delectation here takes on many forms and flavours.  From the chilling intro 'The Oath', things take an almost folky and new romantic twist as we go to the next track 'Proclamation In Shadows'.  Tracks 3 and 4 'End Of Tyranny' and 'The Cleric's Arcanum' respectively set us back on the path of full ahead aggressive metal. There is so much going on with each track here, and it feels almost like embarking on a medieval adventure, albeit a very dark one.  My favourite on here by a long shot has to be the closing track 'At The Eclipse Of Blades', although I feel melancholic as it heralds the end of what is in essence a great album.

A very fine example of extreme metal and one I will probably play 'Skyrim' or 'Dark Souls'  to many times.  This is worth a look and very possibly a buy too.
Words by Paul Clarke.



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