1) Metallic Leaves
2) Things To Come
3) Disguised Queen
4) Break
5) Undisclosed
6) Pariah
7) Seeing Eye

OUR RATING (out of 10)


Progressive metal sextet Slammin' Thru are something of an enigma.

Forming in late 2002 in Galicia, Spain they have stayed within their national borders playing shows and eventually recording their first demo three years later in 2005. Since then they have remained inside Galician borders performing on the Spanish festival circuit. 2013 saw marked progress in the Slammin' Thru success story when they got a big break opening up for Glenn Hughes at Santiago De Compostela and also the recording of their first EP "Disguised Queen"...  

...And here we are today three years on and Slammin' Thru are about to release their seven track first full length on Suspiria Records entitled "Things to Come".  The very title implies great things are to be expected in the future, and at the same time could well be Slammin Thru's prediction of the way the world will turn out, as is the case on the track 'Disguised Queen' that discusses the threat of a one world government.

The raw talent on offer here is the first thing to strike me as I listen on with anticipation.  One of the many things I am attracted to is that they have drawn heavily upon a Dream Theater influence, namely their seminal debut album "When Dream And Day Unite". I can very clearly imagine Slammin Thru doing a cover of 'The Killing Hand' or 'Status Seeker' and pretty much nailing them both. The production values on 'Things To Come' are almost identical to those used on the aforementioned Dream Theater recording, giving this full length a remarkable raw character. The downside here is the vocal track, which I find is a very common problem when smaller labels release records.  As a vocalist myself I sympathise with David because it seems he is struggling to be heard over Guts' bass track, and this struggle seems to get the better of him at times.  It is apparent that David is a talented vocalist and it's a relief that it does show through when it matters. 

All in all this is a sterling first full length effort by Slammin Thru, but with the slight snag of the vocal track being too low in the mix that mars the experience to a certain extent. Other than this little gripe, I feel privileged to be one of the few people in the UK to have had the pleasure of listening.

Words by Paul Clarke.



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