1) Hear Me
2) Twilight
3) Forever
4) Let It Burn
5) Time To Make It
6) Can't Believe It
7) Light Up The Sky
8) Get Out
9) Bones
10) Hold On

OUR RATING (out of 10)


Dutch female fronted three piece Nemesea have been cleverly combining heavy rock with electronica into a rather addictive and commercial mix for around thirteen years now.  Their latest full length 'Uprise' is no exception to this obviously successful formula. Now, when I say commercial, I don't state this as a criticism as I so often do when I'm describing lacklustre bands (ahem... Blink 182... .cough, cough...... Green Day) who have unfairly become successful by exploiting the tastes of young crowds across the globe, barring the way for some far superior talent.  I use the word commercial here to mean accessible and easy on the ear. Nemesea put me in the mind of listening to acts like 'Within Temptation' and 'Epica' with a slightly silkier edge.

'Uprise' is a ten track journey that's lovingly put together to demand your attention from beginning to end. Manda Ophius' smooth and haunting vocal is a similar experience to acts like 'As December Falls'.  Hendrick Jan de Jong has some very tasty guitar licks and effective backing vocal hooks up his sleeve. Sonny Onderwater does a great job on seamlessly blending the synths into the mix with a solid bass track that binds all this ear candy together.  I think a special mention has to go to the so far unnamed drummer who I was unfortunately unable to gather any information on.  He or she has done themselves proud here and I hope they get some credit for their work, as it is due. 

While I liked album as a whole 'Uprise' does however start off a little weak, but they seem to get into their stride a short way in. For me, the pinnacle of the album has to be track 8 - 'Get Out'. Reason being the guitar melodies, and vocal hooks from Hendrick.  Also, Manda really opens up her vocal chords and summons her considerable talent with a powerful performance.  Each track on 'Uprise' could easily insinuate itself into any top 40, being commercially viable and probably make a reasonable amount of progress up the ladder to number one.  

'Uprise' is a refreshing palette cleanser and worthy of a place in many record collections.  I for one am glad to have it.

Words by Paul Clarke.



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