1) Lovebearing Storm
2) Lost
3) Winternight
4) Seven Seas
5) Last Shut Of Your Eyes

OUR RATING (out of 10)


If Luca Turilli and Rhapsody Of Fire were on board a galleon in the high waters of the Atlantic Ocean then this is would be the result. Soaring symphonic power metal melodies with a maritime theme.  Visions of Atlantis (VoA) have been subject to a number of line up changes since their maiden voyage in 2000, and the only founding member Tom Caser (drums) has completely reworked the band from the ground up.  On vocals we hear Siegfried Samer who replaces Mario Plank singing in counterpoint to Clementine Delauney who also replaces Maxi Nill.  Previous members Werner Fiedler , Chris Kamper, and Michael Koren are welcomed back on guitars, synths, and bass repectively. 'Old Routes - New Waters' is a five track EP that is set to be a preview of things to come and a herald of a new full length from VoA, revamping these five fan favourites taken from the first three albums 'Eternal Endless Infinity', the Impala award winning 'Cast Away' and 'Trinity'.

'Lovebearing Storm' taken from VoA's debut full length 'Eternal Endless Infinity' is the longest track coming in at almost 7 minutes. Here we are introduced to why Tom Caser did what he did by choosing the current line up. The vocal counterpoint of Delauney's soprano and Samer's 'Olaf Hayer' (Luca Turilli - Kings Of The Nordic Twighlight) style really works.

Following closely after this are 'Lost' and 'Winternight' taken from the award winning 'Cast Away' album. Here you can really hear the maturing of VoA's music when compared to that of the first album.  The writing is more complex and has a better flow in the music compared to the earlier material.

'Seven Seas' is the only track taken from the third album 'Trinity', and again showcases a more mature style of song-writing and arrangement.

My personal favourite 'Last Shut Of Your Eyes' taken from 'Cast Away' wraps things up nicely with beautiful sweeping melodies, wonderful counterpoint vocals brimming with atmosphere and emotion and an excellent arrangement.

The production of the EP is to a very high standard and really breathes new life into all five tracks.  If this is a taste of what there is to come from VoA, then I really want the whole seafood laden platter and flagon of rum that is promised to be the next full length. My only complaint with EP's is that they are far too short if they're good.  This one is good but only lasts around 25 minutes from beginning to end.  I will not however hold this against them too much as I sailed into this pre informed that this was merely a window into the capabilities of the new battleship that is VoA.

Words by Paul Clarke.


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