RELEASED 13th MAY 2016


1) Evil
2) Social Phobia
3) Misery Keeper
4) Devils In The Passing Time
5) Golden Mean
6) Higher Time
7) Ghost Of Me
8) Natural Law
9) Crux
10) Two Hearted Woman

OUR RATING (out of 10)


When you get invited to review a band signed to RidingEasy Records, you know almost exactly what you're going to get... psychedelic chorused guitar grooves, smooth reverbed vocals and a feel that you are perhaps back in the late 60's/early 70's if you consume some hallucinogenics or smokables. On this note Electric Citizen are no exception with their Ozzy era Black Sabbath image, Tony Iommi styled riffage, Bill Wardesque drum patterns and Geezer Butler basslines. In fact, Electric Citizen sound so much like Black Sabbath that the only discernable difference is that of a female vocal, but even that is Ozzy like in it's delivery. Now I have nothing whatsoever against Black Sabbath, being that they are still today one of my favourite bands of all time - one of a few that has not been overrated just because it's from the sixties, but when a band don't inject enough of themselves into their music, they become merely soundalikes - a tribute so to speak.

'Higher Time' is Electric Citizen's follow up to their first full length 'Sateen' that was released in 2014 on the same label, but unlike it's predecessor 'Higher Time' never really changes tone.  Yes, it's a lot heavier than 'Sateen' but that's where the evolution of the band ends and it almost sounded to me like one big song and not a collection of new ones.  I find myself unable to distinguish between tracks well enough to pick out highs and lows, despite listening to it on repeat six or seven times to give it that fair crack of the whip.

Right at this moment my thoughts are that 'Sateen' should have been the follow up to 'Higher Time', being that it's by far the better and more original of the two. If this was the case, I could forgive it on the grounds that Electric Citizen were trying to find their feet. One good thing I will say about Electric Citizen is that their live performances are electrifying and judging from the reception they received during their recent gig supporting Wolfmother in London, where they turned many heads and wowed the audience, they have the potential to go a very long way indeed. Citizens would indeed be electrified if this band manage to harness their live energy in the studio

Please also see our interview with vocalist Laura Dolan here.

Words by Paul Clarke.



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