Sumo Cyco are vocalist Sever, lead guitarist M.D., bass guitarist Thor and drummer Wolf.

They are from Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. They have mixed up the genres of hard, punk and alternative rock to give us an amazing sound. 

In June 2014, they released their first album "Lost in Cyco City" and are currently working on bringing out their second album in the Spring of 2016.

We interviewed Sever at their recent gig at the Islington O2 Academy in London, UK and you can read the interview below.


On 26th November 2015, Sumo Cyco opened for Nonpoint and Fozzy at the Islington O2 Academy in London, and we caught up with Sever for a while before the show.

We asked her about the current tour, some history behind Sumo Cyco and the new album. The full transcript is below.

We would like to thank Sever for her time and the interview.

M-Live Pro: Hi Sever, so you're on tour with Nonpoint and Fozzy, how's the tour going? 

Sever: It's been a blast so far, super fine. It's our first time doing such a long tour with two other bands, and it's a different dynamic when you're hanging out with two other bands that you've never met before. Also, it's really cool getting in front of new kids because every night you're literally trying to win over the crowd, they're not there to see you, they're usually there for the main act and you want them to get into your music and turn them into fans. It's a challenge, but we're having a lot of fun doing it.

M-Live Pro: You played in Paris just after the attacks, how was that?

Sever: You know what, I was like I'm not going to change my life because of any crazy extremists. I do what I want to do in life, I want to be around people who like music and I want to do touring, I want to sing and be around those  people, that's like my motto, and I don't want that stuff to affect it.

M-Live Pro: What's the history behind Sumo Cyco and Cyco City?

Sever: Sumo Cyco started in 2011 and we've been releasing music videos along with singles. That was very important for us because I love the visual stuff that supports the music, it's like a passion of mine. We developed an idea beyond just releasing music and decided to call it Cyco City. I like fantasy movies and creepy horror movies, and tried to create a world in which the music and imagery could live in, and that's what Syco City is and we ask all our fans to come and join us.

M-Live Pro:  And I guess each video being called a chapter is part of that?

Sever: That's right, for our record "Lost In Cyco City" we've been making videos that connect to one another, so video 1 ends up where video 2 takes off, so it's like a continuation story and I think it adds a completeness to the record, right now we're up to chapter 6 and fingers crossed we're going to finish the rest of the chapters before we start the promotion for the second record. We do everything ourselves, from the production, pre-production, post-production, edit and everything else, we're a bit behind the gun because 2015 has been a great year for us, we've been busy with all the touring, so we didn't have so much time to devote to the video side of things, but because we're going to be at home recording for the next couple of months, we're hoping to slide in the extra chapters.

M-Live Pro: The first album "Lost In Cyco City", how do you think that was received?

Sever: It's been great, especially here in Europe. We've been building more ground and even touring more here than we have in our home country. We have a small area around Hamilton, Toronto, Naigara, kind of our home city but beyond that Canada's such a big country that we haven't done the real travelling it takes to get from one end to the other, but this is our third time here in the UK and we've just found out that Kerrang! and other radio stations are playing our songs and getting support from the bigger machines here is translating into fans knowing about us and showing up at our shows. In Canada, the mainstream hasn't really grabbed on to us at all, but over here I love it, I love the crowds over here, there seems to be a lot more of a party going on. In Toronto it's more of a you've got to win me over, they've got their arms folded and tough look, wondering if you can impress them enough.   

M-Live Pro: And finally, the campaign on Pledge Music for the second album, how's that going? I think you're there somewhere and there an album due sometime.

Sever: Yeah, we are over 120%, so I'm blown away by the support we've received from our fans, it's really cool that people actually want to get behind us and help us, because we're an independent band doing everything ourselves, we have no label support, we're literally funding everything ourselves. It really makes a huge difference donating to a record that way, because it goes straight to us, straight into going into the band doing the things we love. I'm really stoked for the second record, we have Benji Webbe from Skindred going to be on one of our tracks, I'm so stoked as I'm a huge fan of that band and we've been working really hard coming up with some ideas and we can't wait to dive into the studio, coming this New Year, we're going to start January/February and hopefully for a Spring release we'll have the second Sumo Cyco record. 

Sever live on stage at London's O2 Islington Academy.

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