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AlexaMaster is one of the most amazing websites on the Internet. It has one main purpose, which is to help you build up the ranking of your website so that you appear higher in search engine results.

Depending on your business, you either need worldwide visitors or visitors within the country or countries you operate.

There is a strong belief when it comes to doing business on the Internet...
This being that there is absolutely no point in advertising your website to people that can't use your services or buy your products. While this is somewhat true, having this belief can really damage the potential of your business. The reason being that every visitor to your website helps increase the ranking of your website, and the higher your ranking the higher you appear in search results.

If you're starting a business and literally have just set up your website, it is almost definite that you've had no or very few website visitors because you are not appearing in search results, you may not have much business because not enough people know about you, and you have plenty of time available. AlexaMaster can help you as it spreads the word about your company fairly quickly.

However, if you are a business that has been going for a while then you should have some ranking and appear somewhere in the search results, the question is where and, of course, how easy it is for your potential customers to find you. The answer is simple, the higher you are in the search results, the more chance of your potential customers finding you. AlexaMaster can help you as it helps increase your rankings on an ongoing basis.

AlexaMaster is a very simple idea, and how you use it depends on your type of business and time you have available. It is a website where members auto-surf websites to earn points, and then they allocate the points to their website so that other members auto-surf their website too.

The great thing with AlexaMaster is that each website opens in a new browser window, so each time your website is 'viewed' you get a 'hit' on your website. These 'hits' are visitors, and each and every visitor increases your website's ranking that little bit.

There are other ways to earn points liking watching videos or Facebook pages, but you can also save a lot of time and effort by just buying points.

There are two account options, standard or VIP. Standard membership allows you to advertise one website on a global basis, VIP membership allows you to advertise more websites and also geo-target to the country or countries you wish.

How to set things up...
1) Firstly you need an AlexaMaster account, simply click here to sign up.

2) You need to earn a few points to get started, once signed in click on 'My profile' then look for 'Earn Points' on the right-hand menu, and from this select 'AutoSurf'. Ensure you allow pop-ups from AlexaMaster and install the useful Alexa plugin (explained below *) if your browser allows it to be enabled, Google Chrome is one of the best for this. Then simply let AutoSurf do it's work for a short time - you will see websites opening and closing, allow six or more websites to open and close.

* The Alexa Plugin is a very useful tool, you can check the Alexa Ranking of any website you visit (including your own). Alexa Rankings are worked out by number of visitors to all the websites in the world, the lower the number, the higher the Alexa ranking, and search engine use these rankings to order search results.

3) Return to 'My Profile', note the number of points you have then select 'Get Visitors' followed by 'Add Websites' from the right-hand menu. Check the restrictions then click the blue button, fill in the form on the next page (enter whole website URL including the http, set 'Points' to the number of points you have, set 'Bid' to '02 Points', and 'Visits Per Day' to half the number of points you have, the other details can not be changed at this point).

4) Once confirmed, you should be on a page called 'My Websites' but if not click 'My Websites' from top of page or right-hand menu via 'Get Visitors'. Click on 'Edit' and alter the 'Visits Per Day' to 1000. NOTE: Don't worry if you don't have this many points.

5) That's basically it, and we recommend auto-surfing for a while then allocating the points to your website ('Get Visitors', 'My Websites', 'Edit') so you can see how it works. NOTE: You website needs approving by members before you getting visitors, this doesn't take too long.

Then you simply adapt AlexaMaster to your requirements, if you want to just auto-surf for points you can or you can buy points or VIP using the 'Buy VIP & Points' at the top of the page.

For those just starting out in business we recommend auto-surfing as much as possible (you can just leave your computer auto-surfing) and/or purchasing the 250,000 points option.

For those more established we recommend purchasing the 250,000 points with 60 day VIP option, you could consider auto-surfing when computers are idol (e.g. lunch breaks) if your computers are in constant use.

Allocating 250,000 points to your website with settings of 2 points per visitor and a limit of 1,000 visitors a day will mean your points last for around four months (125 days). This gives a steady increase in your Alexa ranking over time, and this shows natural progression rather than a sharp jump which would indicate you've use something to boost your rankings.

If you have VIP, you can edit the targeting options or add extra website links, meaning you can build up your rankings in specific areas (e.g. particular services, particular country or countries). An great example with 250,000 points and 60 days VIP is to promote two pages of your website using the 2 points/1,000 visitors a day options as the points will just about expire at the same time as the VIP.

Ensure you have your SEO keywords correct, think what terms potential customers could use to search for your products/services (e.g. An electrician in London would need keywords like 'electrician' 'London' 'switches' 'lights' 'full rewire' etc...) and add these to the metadata of your website. If you have a web-master ensure they put this in place.

With referrals, you earn even more points...  
Find your referral links in 'Earn Points' then choosing 'Promote Us' and then send the links to local businesses and your clients. If they sign up you earn 100 points (50 free website visitors) and if they purchase points you earn 60% commission in points (so if they purchase 250,000 points you'll earn 150,000 (75,000 free website visitors).

Refer enough new members and you may never need to pay for points ever again. Additionally, points do have a cash value, so if you end up with more points than you actually need you can cash out at a rate of 300,000 points for US$10.

Important Information...
All transactions are handled by PayPal, so if you don't have a PayPal account click here, and do note that while AlexaMaster operates in US$ that PayPal will convert transactions into your local currency.

The aim of AlexaMaster is to boost website rankings, you will generally not receive any business directly from using AlexaMaster. However, the boost in ranking enables your website to appear higher in search results, and this can bring in business as more people become aware of your company.

Unfortunately, as AlexaMaster are offering such a great service, there is sometimes people around who want to ruin things. This does include things like pop-ups (which stop the auto-surf) and sites with unwanted downloads or content. It is recommended that you have anti-virus software installed on your computer, and if auto-surfing check it is still operating now and again. AlexaMaster admin do act fairly quickly when you report problems, so if you experience anything untoward please do report it to them.