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Traffic Monsoon is a great earning opportunity.

It is recommended that you sign in twice a day, this avoids the possibility of losing income. The site runs a 24
hour timer from your last sign in and if the timer runs out you don't receive any more paid ads to earn from.

As an example, you could sign in at 7am and 7pm (every 12 hours) or even first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Each time you sign in you should:
1) Click on the 'Start Surfing' button and view at least 10 ads. Each ad is 20 seconds duration.
2) Check 'My Account' and claim all the Cash Link ads. Duration varies on ad value.

It is surfing 10 ads that resets your timer to 24 hours, and this means you receive more Cash Link ads during the next 24 hours.

Surfing ads also earns you visitor credits, this means you can advertise a website for free to other members.
NOTE: The website you advertise could be your own website, links to your other earning sites or any other allowed website.

You can cashout at any time (after reaching cashout levels) or you can build up your balance to $50 and purchase an AdPack.
Each AdPack you purchase returns $55 from site revenues as long as continue to surf 10 ads daily.

If you wish you can also add funds via your payment processor to purchase more AdPacks.

Real earnings comes through referrals, you can earn up to 100% commission on their activity.

Generally you receive $0.10 worth of Cash Link ads each day, so do your referrals, so if you encourage your referrals to
do the same as you, e.g. sign in twice daily, surf ads and claim Cash Link ads they will earn you another $0.10 each day.

Each referral can be worth at least $36.50 to you annually just through clicking, so having 10 referrals can earn you
$365 a year or having 100 referrals can earn you $3,650 a year. Not bad for around 10-15 minutes of work each day!!

PLUS.... You earn 10% of all referral purchases, that is $5 on each AdPack they buy!!!

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