Zopa is an amazing way to either earn money through

social lending or save money by taking out a low cost loan


Basically, social lending links those who need a loan to those who have available cash they wish
to do something with, while avoiding the fat cats in the banking world. Zopa is safe and secure.

Earn money

Zopa allows you to lend out any cash you have available. If you lend out less than £25,000 you are not required to register as a
business lender. You can choose the rates you wish to lend at, choose who to lend to and how long you wish to lend you money for.

You can start with £10, and can multiply you returns by using the 'Auto relend' feature. The more you invest, the better the returns.

Zopa vet all those applying for loans, and their vetting procedures match or exceed bank vetting. Zopa take 1% of your returns
for admin costs, so if you choose to lend at 5% - you will receive 4%, far exceeding the rates offered by savings accounts.

Of course, if  you are willing to take a risk, the %age you lend at increases, allowing you to earn more.

Save money

Need a loan? - As Zopa is a social lending site, the %age rates of a loan are better than the banks. Those offering cash for you
to borrow set their rates, and your loan is offered at the average %age of those rates. For example, if one investor sets their
rate at 6% and another sets their rate at 4%, your loan would be set at 5%. Of course, your loan could be made up of cash
from many investors, but Zopa manage this, so all you have to do is repay the monthly payment each month to pay off your loan.

Also, there are no early repayment fees.

For more details on Zopa - Click HERE and choose to lend or borrow.

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