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There are a few ways that you can get free advertising for your website, splashpage or URL.

Generally, getting any form of free advertising is a bit of a pain and rather time consuming, but if you have the patience and some spare time you can really bring awareness to your website, splashpage or URL. If you do not have the patience and/or time, don't worry as all the methods we are introducing you to below also offer a paid service too.

We use all the methods ourselves, and basically go for mix between using free and paid services. Reason for this is the free option can lead to a steady build up of ranking and increased positioning in search results, while paid services can help you spread the word very quickly, so either way can fit in with your circumstances.

Ranking boost with AlexaMaster

Using AlexaMaster is a fantastic way of increasing the ranking of your website. It has an auto-surf feature that you can run, and doing so means that your earn points for viewing other websites then convert the points so that other members view your website. The auto-surf can be run all day, and has only a slight impact on your PC; this being each time a new website opens it overrides any thing else you are doing on that browser, this can be overcome by running the AlexaMaster auto-surf on another browser than the one you normally use e.g. if you normally use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer you can run the auto-surf in Google Chrome.

Obviously, the auto-surf feature does not lead to many eyes actually seeing your website, so it would be rare to obtain any business directly from AlexaMaster, but the high number of visitors raises the ranking of your website which leads to higher placement in search engine results, which could lead to people with an interest in your products or services visiting your website and possibly becoming a customer.

You could also buy points, and if you want to build up local rankings your can purchase VIP and then be able to geo-target your audience. The VIP option also allows you to advertise more than one URL, this is useful if you have more than one type of product or service you wish to promote, you simply need to ensure your SEO keywords are correct on each webpage and you will appear higher in the search results for each product of service.

You can get even more free advertising buy referring AlexaMaster to others, you earn 25% of the points earned through your referral's auto-surfing and a massive 60% of the points they purchase.

For more information on AlexaMaster, please click HERE.

Get free visitors with Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are good way to get eyes on your website, splashpage or URL. They tend to have timers and captchas that basically ensure members view what is being advertised.

One of the most popular Traffic Exchanges is within Traffic Monsoon, and you can earn 1 visitor to your website, splashpage or URL for every 2 pages that you visit. The timer is 20 seconds, so (allowing around 5 seconds for every page to load) you can easily visit 12 pages in 5 minutes, which entitles you can 6 visitors in return. You can geo-target your visitors, but doing so will half the visitors you receive.

However, once you make any purchase, you can earn 1 visitor for each page you visit meaning you can easily get 12 visitors (or 6 visitors if geo-targeted) for every 5 minutes you spend on the exchange.

Along with other advertising services, you can purchase Traffic Exchange credits on Traffic Monsoon, and this avoids the need to view any pages to get your visitors.

Traffic Monsoon also has a referral program, and as part of this you can earn 10% commission on all referral purchases. You have a requirement to view 10 Traffic Exchange pages every 24 hours to earn referral commissions, and with over 2 million members this requirement ensures that Traffic Exchange pages are heavily viewed.

For more information on Traffic Moonson, please click HERE.

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