New Way To Collect Charity Donations

Truly active website helps raise funds as your supporters earn money



If you are a supporter of a charity, please copy the link address and forward this link to the charity admin.
If you are charity admin... please read on!

After putting some easy measures in place, you can promote ClixSense to your supporters.
As your supporters earn money on ClixSense, the charity earns up to 40% of what your supporters have earned.
Your supporters simply sign in and view some ads and complete tasks or offers.
Additionally, your supporters can earn more by referring others who can then do the same.
Using 'The Power of 3' your supporters can earn over US$9,000 every year - see here for more details on this.

Now, please let me explain how to get you started:
The charity needs two simple things in place, a payment processor account with PayPal
or PayToo, and a staff member who can spend 10-20 minutes on the site daily.
That's it... once these are in place your charity can start earning through ClixSense.
To get a PayPal account click hereTo get a PayToo account click here.
NOTE: They are available in different countries, so if you can't join one, please try the other.
As a charity, I suggest contacting the payment processor admin to see if you can get a 'fee free' account.
Your staff member will simply need to do what any other member does, just view some ads and complete tasks or offers.
This keeps your ClixSense account active, plus the staff member is earning the charity extra money each day.
Obviously, you can rotate the staff member responsible each day, this allows for time off etc...
Your staff member(s) can even sign in at different times each day to do extra activity and earn even more.
Additionally, all your staff members could join ClixSense through your referral link...
They would earn from ClixSense, and the charity gains through their activity too. 

Then, it's time to get your supporters on board:

I suggest you use your normal advertising methods to promote ClixSense. Simply add a link to ClixSense to your website.
The banner just above the video below can be copied from ClixSense with your referral link on to your website, your supporters 
can click on your banner and join ClixSense as your referral. Every time they earn $1 the charity is paid between $0.10-$0.20.
Therefore, the charity is getting 10-20% of all your referrals activity...  but there is more...
 Either straight away or after $17 has been earned on ClixSense,
you should upgrade to a PREMIUM account.
What happens then really opens up what the charity can receive from ClixSense...
All PREMIUM members receive up to 40% of all their referrals activity, that is up to $0.40 in every $1 earned by your referrals.
Every time one of your referrals upgrades to PREMIUM membership...  the charity receives a $2 bonus.
Every time anyone in your downline (down from level 2 to level 8) upgrades to PREMIUM membership... the
charity receives a $1 bonus. This really increases your income potential from ClixSense, as referrals are unlimited.
1,000 of your supporters join ClixSense and become PREMIUM members...  the charity earns $2,000.
Those 1,000 supporters all use 'The Power of 3' to find 3 PREMIUM members each... that's another
$3,000 for the charity, and that's just up to your level 2, there are six more levels to go after that.


Why ClixSense? Is this legal?

ClixSense has been around since February 2007 and is the most trusted Paid To Click website in the world.
Over 4 million members across the world, getting paid every Monday and every Friday, without fail.
100% legal, 100% ethical - all earnings on ClixSense are made through membership advertising or sponsored advertising.
Basically advertisers are paying ClixSense to advertise, then ClixSense pays members to view the advertising.
ClixSense itself is a registered business... their address is 210 Bates Retreat, Hampstead, NC 28443, USA.
It is ongoing...  every time your supporters earn money, so does the charity.
It avoids the 'give us your money' approach...  your supporters are actually getting paid.
Withdrawal requests will go into your PayPal/PayToo account, ready for transfer to your bank account.
Therefore, administration is simply a case of recording one transaction per withdrawal.
NOTE: While the ClixSense website operates in US$, your payment processor will convert funds into local currency.


Advertising your charity on ClixSense

You can advertise your charity on ClixSense, basically set up an ad and link,
then each hit can cost as low as $0.00138 and you could reach half a million people.
There is also the ClixGrid game, you can advertise for 7 days for $6.
It may be worth contacting ClixSense admin in regard to charity advertising, who knows they may offer an even better deal!!
 A Bonus From M-Live Promotions 

We can clearly see how much commission we have earned from your charity's activity on ClixSense.
Once a year (in March), we will send you that commission.

Additionally, we can set up a page on this website about your charity and include your ClixSense referral banner on the page.
So, is ClixSense for your charity?

Please click on the banner below for more info and to join.

Also, please watch the welcome video you are sent after signing up.

After you have joined OR if you need any assistance, please e-mail