Our 'outside the box' ideas are quite varied and this means that they are scattered around somewhat, please look for the image to the right within the information that you are linked to below.


We have some amazing tools that you can use for your business; these include saving money on the things you need to buy, promoting your website (including specific pages) either worldwide or on a geo-targeted basis to boost your rankings in search results, profitable sidelines to your main business and some ideas that are truly so 'outside the box' of normal business practice that you'll wish you knew about them a long time ago.

We can cater for businesses at any level, from those just starting out to the world's largest organisations, from sole traders to multinational companies, we believe we have something for everyone.

We would rather inform you about the tools, as there is nothing better for any business than being in full control of what they are doing and being able to easily monitor the results when they want to. However, if you prefer us to things for you, we can offer tailored packages to suit your needs at very reasonable cost and then we manage everything for you. You can also choose from our especially designed set packages which have proved to work time after time.

Many of the tools have been around for a while, and well-known names such as Virgin, American Airlines, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Waitrose, Unilever, BMW, Mercedes, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and ITV are just an example of some of the larger organisations that use them, so you'll be in good company when you use them as well.

The difference we have is that instead of being a supplier saying how great their own services are, we have fully tested the services and only promote them when they have proved that they work. Additionally, we are not here to make massive profits, we either earn commissions as you use the tools or we add an equivalent amount on top of our expenses if we do things for you.

Below we have briefly explained some of the tools, and from there you will be linked to further information on each of the tools, this will either be a link on our website or a direct link to the tool.



We believe we have some great ideas that you've never thought of, these include having your staff (or anyone else) get rewarded for advertising your business without it costing you or them anything, helping your staff (or anyone else) save money and as they do it earns the company money.

YES - you did read right! Your staff (or anyone else) can get rewarded for advertising your business! This is very powerful for any business, a sole trader could ask family, friends, neighbours etc... to do some advertising for them or large multinational organisations could have thousands of employees running advertisements for the company, imagine that... you get loads of free advertising, and those running the advertising are rewarded for doing so. Also, when have you ever heard of a company earning money while helping their staff (or anyone else) save money?


In the day-to-day running of your business, you will probably have many expenses and these can add up over time. While expenses can not generally be avoided, you can save money by making a small adjustment to the way you order your required products and services, even if you have preferred suppliers. Please click HERE for more information.


You can attract visitors to your website in various ways, you could run advertisements in the national press or on TV and radio, you could run social media campaigns, or use specialised services such as Google AdWords. We will not knock this methods in any way as they have proven success, but their success does depend on one main thing, this being the person seeing your advertisement actually being interested enough to visit your website. Another way to attract visitors to your website is to appear higher in search engine results when people search for products or services that you provide, but for this to happen your website needs enough previous visitors to increase its ranking in those search results - we have the solution to this and it can be 100% FREE or at very low cost. Please click HERE for more information.


We know that your main business is your priority, but sometimes having a sideline (or a few sidelines) can be truly beneficial to the main aspect of your business. A classic example of this is the milk delivery companies who originally started by only delivering milk to our doorsteps, but as the competition increased they begun looking at delivering other products such as bread and juices. Agreed, times have moved on even more now with the larger supermarkets now delivering just about everything to your door, but the expansion into other products has kept the milkman on our streets much longer than if they continued just selling milk.

We can offer you a few sideline opportunities and these have various benefits including being able to advertise your company while making a profit through revenue sharing, and by earning monetary commissions or more free advertising from business associates and customers simply by recommending the services you are using. Please click HERE for more information.


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